The Project

The Project was a series of short dance pieces which explored issues and topics that we all experience throughout our lives. Cutting edge choreography fused with contemporary and Hip Hop Theatre was combined with stunning visuals and captivating storytelling. This show was a collaboration with another Brighton based dance company Visual Poets created by Munya Muchati.

Our pieces within the show included:
  • Fast Fashion, Fast Fashion is a global issues – we buy clothes that are so cheap we can throw them away – but at what cost?
  • Who are you? In the current world of social media, exams, and pressures of the future, young people struggle to find an escape. This piece highlights the importance of checking in on friends and making sure no one ever feels alone.
  • Triggered, We are pressured to fit in and conform – what does it take to break out and follow your own path and be who you truly want to be?
  • Ultralight Beam, Who controls the choices we make with our bodies? Should anyone have the power to take away our choices and force us to live according to their beliefs?

Fusion Identity

Elite Clothing

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