Dance and Technology Research

As part of our creative process we always aim to provide unique opportunities to young people, a recent development of these opportunities is our research into ‘Dance and Technology’. In some of our recent projects we’ve been working with Treatment Studios London to use a Kinect Camera and Knotch software to capture digital dance which we have used in a variety of ways!


Digital Dance Projects

  • 2020, Project Female awarded an AcE Project Grant, R&D process of ‘transferring output of Project Female Dance Company to Live-Streamed Events’. We worked with Treatment Studios London to capture choreography via Kinect Camera and processed using Notch software, these mocaps were used as interactive visuals in our show ‘The Control Project’.
  • 2021, Ellie Bishop-Williams awarded an AcE DYCP for ‘Dance and Technology’ research. Worked with TSL using Kinect/Notch to complete extensive research/experiments into the possibilities of combining the two mediums in new ways. Pre-planned a duet phrase, recorded half the movement using mocap alongside several other motifs, TSL then edited captures to create a range of variations of avatars each of which differed in colour/textural effect. Using the Brighton CCA space, during a one week residency, and DaVinci Resolve editing software. I was able to execute several experiments to test ways in which dance and mocap can be combined: duet between avatar backdrop projections and live performer, hanging fabrics at different depths of the stage to create perception illusions when using projection on stage, layering captures on top of videography to create precise interactions/connections between the two. 
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